How NMC Works

The Science Behind NanoMoldCoating®

NANOPLAS’s nanotechnology based mold coatings are formulated from several chemical components that self-assemble when applied to a substrate.

These components work together to form a nano-mesh (a microscopic netting) that prohibits molecules from fluids or polymers from coming into contact with surface structures of the substrate. This netting is vapor-permeable, allowing gases to escape from the substrate. Or, allowing the coating to “breathe.”HowNMCWorks

As NanoMoldCoating® coating is applied, it completes two stages. In the first stage, it anchors itself to the substrate by filling in the microscopic hills and valleys in the substrate and attaching to free molecules at the surface.

In the second stage, the coating cross-links while it cures, forming the microscopic nano-mesh structure, which contains hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This structure can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -40º to 1000°F without compromising the stability of the nano-mesh cross-linking structure or its adherence to the substrate.

Due to its unique molecular structure, NanoMoldCoating® has inherent flexibility, allowing it to stretch and contract with the substrate through these ranges in temperature without cracking or peeling. NanoMoldCoating® is easily applied in-house by simply wiping it on with a microfiber cloth or brushing it into tighter areas.

Once the coating has been applied, it will need to be heat cured for anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the formula.

NanoMoldCoating® Formulations & Cure Times

HC = Heat Cure = Excellent Release Properties
Cure Time (2-4 hours)

HCF = FDA Compliant = Excellent Release Properties
Cure Time (2-4 hours)

QC = Quick Cure = High Performance Plastic Release Properties
Cure Time (15-30 minutes)

QCru = Quick Cure = High Performance Rubber Release Properties
Cure Time (15-30 minutes)

QCsi = Quick Cure = High Performance Silicone Release Properties
Cure Time (15-30 minutes)

The resulting polymer film coating exudes anti-stick and anti-corrosion properties with an extremely low-friction coefficient.