Power Clean

Power Clean’s™ grime breaking formula is the strongest cleaner available in the industry. It’s proven chemistry is able to clean thoroughly and quickly leaving the mold surface completely clean without wiping.

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Mold Brite Cleaner

Mold Brite

Mold Brites™ quickly evaporating chemistry pulls residue, oils, dirt and grit from the pours of the metal, and eliminates bleeding these contaminants into hard to reach areas of the mold.

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Safe-T-Clean™ is a NSF P-1 listed, high performance cleaner/degreaser. It has superior cleaning power when compared to other products in the non chlorinated category. The powerful spray pattern helps break up tough build up and gives you the ability to clean hard to reach areas of the mold.

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Zap-Ox Stain Remover Cut Out


Zap-Ox™ provides unmatched stain removing ability. There is no other cleaner that can remove rust, oxidation, build-up, weld discoloration, and other stains like Zap-Ox.

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Zap-Ox NG

Zap-Ox NG™ possesses all the cleaning power of Zap-Ox but is a non-grit formula. It is specifically designed for use on polished and textured surfaces.

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Nano-Clean NMC

Nano-Clean NMC™ is a High Performance Universal Cleaner/Degreaser. Nano-Clean NMC™ is non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe to use. It has been specially formulated to clean molds without removing existing NanoMoldCoating™ applications.

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Kleen-All™ is a water-based, all-purpose foaming cleaner and degreaser. This industrial strength foam cleaner attacks and dissolves grease, oil, and grime on a variety of surfaces ranging from metal to plastic.

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