Case Study: Phillips Plastics

Phillips Plastics Increases Productivity with Nanoplas Coating


Phillips Plastics (Precision Decorating), a plastic fabrication company in Byron Center, Michigan

Nanoplas Product Used:

Problems Experienced by Customer

  • Parts not pulling across to coring upon mold opening
  • Existing coating not resolving the pulling issue or lasting as long as they’d like

Background and Solution

Phillips was coating their cavity surfaces due to parts not pulling across to coring when opening the mold. There was also pin stress. With our HC™ Heat Cure, the plastic parts released more efficiently and pin stress was eliminated. 

Featuring nanotechnology, HC™ Heat Cure is a scientifically formulated coating that creates a semi-permanent barrier on the surface of a mold. This allows for an extraordinary plastic or rubber part release, the perfect solution for Phillips Plastics. 


HC™ Heat Cure helped Phillips Plastics eliminate pin stress and improve productivity. Parts that once stuck now pull across easily and eject smoothly. The Nanoplas coating lasts for approximately 50,000 cycles before requiring a recoat.


Phillips has found benefits to using this HC™ Heat Cure. Parts now pull across and coating seems to be lasting approx. 50,000 cycles before recoating is necessary.

Jonathan R.

Tool Room Manager, Phillips Plastics (Precision Decorating)

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