Case Study: Medbio

Medical Company (Medbio) Reduces Costs and Maintenance with Nanoplas Min-Lube


Medbio – a full-service medical contract manufacturer with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Nanoplas Product Used:

Seeking improved productivity for a high-volume mold, this customer found the solution with Nanoplas Min-Lube. By extending preventive maintenance intervals, Min-Lube delivered more runtime and significant time-savings. This case study shows how switching to Min-Lube enhanced efficiency and value.

Problems Experience By Customer

Medbio operates two high-volume, 8-cavity molds at their Grand Rapids facility, each producing 4,800,000 parts per 600,000 cycles. With a cycle time of 13.6 seconds, their molds run continuously to meet production demands. However, their previous grease required Partial PM every 25,000 cycles (5 hours) and Full PM every 75,000 cycles (10 hours). This frequent maintenance was necessary due to the degradation of the grease after extended running. The preventive maintenance also involved intensive cleaning to remove built-up residue, adding more downtime.

Background and Solution

Medbio was looking to enhance efficiency and productivity for their high-volume molds. They trialed Nanoplas’ Min-Lube, an exceptional high-performance grease, as a replacement option.

Min-Lube’s resistance to breakdown and caking significantly extended PM intervals. After 50,000 cycles, Min-Lube showed no signs of degradation, unlike the previous grease. Molds now only require light wiping and re-greasing during maintenance instead of intensive scouring to remove buildup. Partial PM was extended from every 25,000 cycles to 50,000 cycles, and Full PM went from every 75,000 cycles to 200,000 cycles.


  • Partial PM extended from every 25,000 cycles to 50,000 cycles
  • Full PM extended from every 75,000 cycles to 200,000 cycles
  • Reduced the number of Partial PMs needed from 16 to 6, adding an estimated 94 additional hours of production time between maintenance.
  • Reduced the number of Full PMs needed from 7 to 2, adding an estimated 472 additional hours of production time between Full PMs

Overall, the switch to MinLube saves Medbio 100 hours of preventative maintenance per 600,000 cycles (or one mold).

By switching to Min-Lube, Medbio has reduced grease costs, extended PM intervals, and maximized productivity. The high-quality Nanoplas lubricant has delivered outstanding efficiency and value.

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