Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Min-Lube EP2 Grease


Min-Lube™ EP 2 Multipurpose Grease

Min-Lube EP 2 Premium Multipurpose Grease is a high-performance, general-purpose industrial grease that gives maximum protection in high shock load applications. It is an ISO 220 mineral oil base thickened with a proprietary calcium sulfonate complex and a carefully selected additive package focused on anti-wear, high-pressure, and anti-corrosion/oxidation. 

Lube-Shuttle Solution Kit (2)


Grease Application Equipment

  • The New Lube Shuttle Grease Gun Kit: Your solution for outdated grease delivery technology. The superior delivery system is here!
  • SafeLock Coupler: Upgrade your standard grease gun coupler to maximize performance
NSF Zap-Ox The Ultimate Stain Remover


Zap-Ox removes rust, oxidation, build-up, weld discoloration, and other stains without etching the surface. It is also NSF Listed for medical-grade and food-grade applications.

Kleen All - All-Purpose Foaming Cleaner & Degreaser - 18oz Spray Can


Kleen-All™ is a water-based, all-purpose foaming cleaner and degreaser. This industrial strength foam cleaner attacks and dissolves grease, oil, and grime on a variety of surfaces ranging from metal to plastic.