Min-Lube™ EP 2 Multipurpose Grease
Min-Lube EP2 Grease Duo

Min-Lube™ EP 2 Premium Multipurpose Grease

Min-Lube EP 2 Benefits

  • Extended bearing life and reduced downtime
  • Designed to work effectively in most industrial applications
  • Good pumpability in a wide temperature range of 20°F to 450°F

Min-Lube EP 2 Features

  • Highly resistant to water, steam, acid, and many chemicals
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • Does not contain metals, PTFE, or silicone
  • High load-bearing properties
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Shear stable and shock load protection
  • Ideal for mold components
  • Ideal for bearings, bushings, cams, cables, chains, conveyors, gears, etc.
  • Compatible with lithium-based greases

Product Description

Min-Lube EP 2 Premium Multipurpose Grease is a high-performance, general-purpose industrial grease that gives maximum protection in high shock load applications. It is an ISO 220 mineral oil base thickened with a proprietary calcium sulfonate complex and a carefully selected additive package focused on anti-wear, high-pressure, and anti-corrosion/oxidation. 


How to Apply Min-Lube EP 2

  1. Clean and remove contaminants off of all components before applying Min-Lube EP 2.
  2. Unscrew the cartridge cap.
  3. Push up on the bottom follower plate until 1/4 inch of grease is sticking above the top of the cartridge.
  4. Thread the grease cartridge into your Lube-Shuttle Grease Gun (Lube Shuttle cartridge required) or your standard grease gun (Standard cartridge required).
  5. Make sure you have a thin film on your wear surfaces.
  6. Install components and work back and forth. Remove components to wipe off extra grease at the end of travel.

Ordering Information

MLEP2-C-10 – 14 oz. Standard Cartridges (10/case)

$84.00Add to cart

MLEP2-C-4 – 14 oz. Standard Cartridges (4/pack)

$35.00Add to cart

MLEP2-LS-10 – 14 oz. Lube Shuttle Cartridges (10/case)

$84.00Add to cart

MLEP2-LS-4 – 14 oz. Lube Shuttle Cartridges (4/pack)

$35.00Add to cart

MLEP2-35 – 35 lb. Pail

$266.00Add to cart

MLEP2-400 – 400 lb. Drum

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