River Valley Plastics, Inc. Improves Run Capacity 700x


River Valley Plastics, Inc., plastic fabrication company in Elkhart, Indiana

Nanoplas Product Used:

Problems Experienced by Customer

  • Could only produce about 15 parts before running into issues
  • Mold began to pick up material on the sidewalls

Background and Solution

River Valley Plastics built a very large mold for a large part made out of glass-filled polycarbonate with a foaming agent. After producing only 15 parts, the mold started to pick up material on the side walls. After trying all of their usual solutions with no improvement, they applied Nanoplas HC™ Heat Cure, a scientifically formulated injection molding coating to improve their part release.


Nanoplas HC™ Heat Cure helped River Valley Plastics, Inc. go from 15 parts to 8,000-10,000. That’s an almost 67,000% increase in run capacity. Not to mention the time saved not having to take this very large mold out of the press after every 15 parts to clean and recoat it. Now, HC™ Heat Cure is a part of their preventive maintenance.

When it arrived, and we read the directions for use, we thought it was laughable. ‘There’s no way’, ‘snake oil’ were some of the comments I heard. After applying it according to the directions, we were quite surprised. I highly recommend HC Heat Cure.

Lynn H.

Tooling Supervisor, River Valley Plastics, Inc.

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