NSF Listed Products

NSF Listed Products

NSF Min Lube High Performance Grease

Min-Lube High Performance Lubricating Grease

Min-Lube™ High Performance Lubricating Grease is designed specifically for lubrication in severe environments as well as food and pharmaceutical related industries. It is a mineral oil base thickened with a proprietary calcium sulfonate complex, and a carefully selected additive package focused on thermal, oxidative, and mechanical stability. It contains Micronox® to provide antimicrobial protection, which is groundbreaking technology that prevents degradation of the lubricant

NSF Safe T Clean All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser


Safe-T-Clean™ is a NSF P-1 listed, high-performance cleaner/degreaser. It has superior cleaning power when compared to other products in the non-chlorinated category. The powerful spray pattern helps break up tough buildup and gives you the ability to clean hard-to-reach areas of the mold.

NSF Safe T Guard Dry Rust Preventative


Safe-T-Guard’s™ moisture chemistry provides a guard for your machine that will not allow corrosion to penetrate. The guarding properties provide excellent film strength, and since it goes on dry will not break down grease and other lubricants that are already present on the surface.

NSF Zap-Ox The Ultimate Stain Remover


Zap-Ox removes rust, oxidation, build-up, weld discoloration, and other stains without etching the surface. It is also NSF Listed for medical-grade and food-grade applications.

HCF™ Heat Cure Coating Kit - NSF

Heat Cure HCF™  NSF M1

Heat Cure HCF  FDA Compliant is a scientifically formulated coating that uses polymer technology to create a semi-permanent barrier on the surface of a mold which is only 100 nanometers in thickness and which facilitates extraordinary plastic or rubber part release. Heat Cure HCF is  a two-part mixture that is applied in the tool room.