NSF Listed Products

NSF Listed Products

Cera-Lube Nano Ceramic Grease

Cera Lube™ Nano Ceramic Grease is a high performance grease used for difficult applications where other greases have failed. It’s high drop point and incredible wear characteristics allow customers to apply a very thin amount and still last up to 10 times longer than standard greases. Cera Lube Nano Ceramic Grease is NSF H-1 listed for food-grade and medical-grade applications.


Safe-T-Clean™ is a NSF P-1 listed, high-performance cleaner/degreaser. It has superior cleaning power when compared to other products in the non-chlorinated category. The powerful spray pattern helps break up tough buildup and gives you the ability to clean hard-to-reach areas of the mold.


Safe-T-Guard’s™ moisture chemistry provides a guard for your machine that will not allow corrosion to penetrate. The guarding properties provide excellent film strength, and since it goes on dry will not break down grease and other lubricants that are already present on the surface.

SYN-LUBE High Performance Synthetic Grease

SYN-LUBE™ High Performance Synthetic Grease is a full synthetic, food grade grease designed for the most difficult industrial applications. The synthetic calcium sulfonate formula includes anti-oxidants, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that meet the most stringent requirements for industrial environments. SYN-LUBE is NSF Listed for food-grade and medical-grade applications, and does not contain metals, PTFE or silicone.


Zap-Ox removes rust, oxidation, build-up, weld discoloration, and other stains without etching the surface. It is also NSF Listed for medical-grade and food-grade applications.