Min-Lube™ High Performance Lubricating Grease

Min-Lube™ High Performance Lubricating Grease

Min-Lube Benefits

  • Food and Pharmaceutical Safe: Can be used in food-grade (NSF-certified, category code H1) and pharmaceutical applications. Features antimicrobial ingredients to protect grease against degradation from microbial contamination
  • Exceptional Protection: Provides superior load and wear protection to help extend machine life and maintain bearings.
  • Extensive Temperature Range: Works effectively from -15°F to 550°F, so it’s suitable for higher temperature applications.

Min-Lube Features

  • Highly resistant to water, steam, acid, and many chemicals
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • Does not contain metals, PTFE, or silicone
  • High load bearing properties
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Does not soften or run out
  • Ideal for mold components
  • Ideal for lifters, ejector pins, slides, leader pins, and bushings
  • Compatible with lithium-based greases

Product Description

Min-Lube grease is designed specifically for lubrication in severe environments as well as food and pharmaceutical related industries.  It is a mineral oil base thickened with a proprietary calcium sulfonate complex, and a carefully selected additive package focused on thermal, oxidative, and mechanical stability. It contains Micronox® to provide antimicrobial protection, which is groundbreaking technology that prevents degradation of the lubricant.

How to Apply Min-Lube

  1. Clean and remove contaminants off of all components before applying Min-Lube.
  2. Apply a small amount with a brush or hands. Spread and wipe off all excess with hands.
  3. Make sure you have a thin film on your wear surfaces.
  4. Install components and work back and forth. Remove components to wipe off extra grease at the end of travel.

Ordering Information

NML-16C – 16-ounce net weight cartridge

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NML-16J – 16-ounce net weight jar

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NML-16J-12 – 16-ounce net weight jar (case of 12)

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NML-16C-12 – 16-ounce net weight cartridge (case of 12)

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NML-35 – 5 gallon (35 lb.) pail

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