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We have a solution for all of your injection mold issues.


Having trouble identifying your bleeding issue? Check out the common causes and the solutions Nanoplas provides.


Dealing with Rust? The issue may simply be a coverage issue.

Gas Buildup

Is gas build-up causing too much downtime? Try our Zap-Ox product to cut the downtime cleaning in half.


Are you struggling with sticking parts? It’s time to try Nano Mold Coating to assist you through production.

The Latest from Our Blog

Molding Through Issues to Bolster Productivity

Injection molding, like most of manufacturing, has been hit hard by the pandemic. Just about every injection molder is behind right now, and those same injection molders are running faster than ever before in an effort to catch up, which can mean trying to mold...

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How to Use & Apply Zap-Ox

No other injection mold cleaner can do—and remove—as much as Zap-Ox. Its stain-removing ability is unmatched. Zap-Ox eradicates rust, oxidation, build-up, weld discoloration and other stains and, in most cases, requires little-to-no scrubbing. A thin coat of Zap-Ox...

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How to Handle Gloss from Buildup

In plastic injection molding, buildup can cause a multitude of defects, including gloss. Whether duller or shinier than the spec, all over or only on certain areas of the molded part, gloss can cause rejects or scraps, which you’ll want to mitigate. How to Identify...

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