Case Study: Erwin Quarder

Erwin Quarder, Inc. Reduces Scrap, Saves Cleaning Time and Money with Nanoplas Products


Erwin Quarder, Inc., a plastic injection molding company in Grand Rapids, MI

Length of Customer Relationship:

4 months

Nanoplas Products Used:

 The Defender | Syn-Lube* | Power Clean | Zap-Ox

*Syn-Lube is no longer available. For another grease, try Min-Lube

Problems Experienced by Customer

  • Gummy buildup in the vents
  • Gas buildup in the vents
  • Sticky buildup from current rust preventative
  • Grease bleeding issues at startup
  • Splay, plastic deformation
  • Current lubricant hardened and flaked off at 644ºF


  • Power Clean saves cleaning time in the toolroom and on the production floor. Other cleaners were not able to remove the gummy residue and gas buildup.
  • The Defender causes no sticky buildup and gives the ability to shoot right through the first shot.
  • Zap-Ox saves the customer hours of cleaning time that had previously been spent on excessive buildup. 
  • Syn-Lube can be wiped thin and evenly, which helps prevent bleeding issues. The product is lasting weekly, as opposed to daily. Run capacity has increased from 1,000-1,500 parts to 24,000 parts before having to reapply, with a 45-second cycle time.


Overall, the Nanoplas product line has helped reduce scrap and save maintenance cleaning time. The products have also saved unscheduled down time. It is estimated that the Erwin Quarder team has been saved about 4 hours per week, and about $75 an hour.

I have been in the manufacturing industry for over 24 years and have worked with a wide variety of cleaners and lubricating products. I am excited to say the Nanoplas products have exceeded my expectations for keeping our tools longer and reducing our cleaning times.”

William Duffield

Tool Room Supervisor, Erwin Quarder, Inc.

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