Lubricating Mold Greases

Cera-Lube Nano Ceramic Grease

Cera Lube™ Nano Ceramic Grease is a high performance grease used for difficult applications where other greases have failed. It’s high drop point and incredible wear characteristics allow customers to apply a very thin amount and still last up to 10 times longer than standard greases. Cera Lube Nano Ceramic Grease is NSF H-1 listed for food-grade and medical-grade applications.

SYN-LUBE High Performance Synthetic Grease

SYN-LUBE™ High Performance Synthetic Grease is a full synthetic, food grade grease designed for the most difficult industrial applications. The synthetic calcium sulfonate formula includes anti-oxidants, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that meet the most stringent requirements for industrial environments. SYN-LUBE is NSF Listed for food-grade and medical-grade applications, and does not contain metals, PTFE or silicone.

Nano Ceramic Mold Grease

Nano Ceramic Mold Lubricating Grease™ is a leading edge, extremely high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of industrial applications. Nano Ceramic Mold Grease utilizes nanoceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic ball bearings, providing continuous lubrication to metallic surfaces. The Nano Ceramic Mold Grease formulation yields a 10x longevity increase, significantly reduced coefficient of friction at all temperatures, extraordinary adhesion, and higher load-bearing properties than traditional “high performance” greases.