SYN-LUBE™ High Performance Synthetic Grease


For a replacement, try Min-Lube — our new universal lubricating grease that performs in the most severe environments, and is also safe for food and pharmaceutical  applications.

High-Performance Synthetic Grease

SYN-LUBE is a full synthetic, food grade grease designed for the industrial applications. The synthetic calcium sulfonate formula includes anti-oxidants, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that meet stringent requirements for industrial environments. SYN-LUBE is NSF H-1 Listed for food-grade and medical-grade applications, and does not contain metals, PTFE or silicone.

SYN-LUBE remains on the surface longer, extending production up to ten times compared to that of PTFE lubricants. Further, SYN-LUBE has much greater shear stability than other lubricants. In laboratory and on-site tests, the change in penetration after 100,000 strokes is low—meaning the grease did not soften under shear. Both longer run times and greater shear stability mean less total product cost, less maintenance, and less downtime for lubricating.