Case Study: Ess-Tec

Ess Tec, Inc. Reduces Scrap, Saves Maintenance Time with Nanoplas Products


Ess Tec, Inc., a plastic injection molding company in Holland, Michigan

Length of Customer Relationship:

4 years

Nanoplas Products Used:

Nano Ceramic Mold Grease*  |  Zap-Ox  |  The Defender

*Nano Ceramic Mold Grease is no longer available. For another grease, try Min-Lube.

Problems Experienced by Customer

  • Grease bleeding off ejector pins, causing a scrap increase of up to 40 parts at startup.
  • Gassing and burn marks at the end of fill.
  • Rust issues from high humidity days. With the rust preventative previously used, they would still need to scrap up to 20 parts.


  • Applied Nanoplas’ Nano Ceramic Mold Grease, which eliminated bleed off, and scrap count was reduced to 5 parts at startup (an 87% decrease in scrap).
  • Used Zap-Ox to clean gassing and burn marks at the end of fill. This saves hours of tool maintenance work. Normally, you would have to pull the tool and stone polish or bead blast to remove the gassing from the texture. Zap-Ox helps remove the rust from high humidity and condensation on the cavity steel.
  • Used The Defender, a rust preventative that lets you see your coverage and doesn’t bleed back into the ejector pin holes before production, leading to further reduction in scrap.


Overall, the Nanoplas product line has helped Ess Tec, Inc. reduce scrap and save time with maintenance cleaning, removing inserts, sandblasting, and cleanup.  

“I have been in the tooling business for 40 years and have owned my own business for 15 years. I feel the Nanoplas products have been some of the best I have used. I would highly recommend giving the products a try. They speak for themselves.”

Nick Tatarchuk

Tooling Manager, Ess Tec, Inc.

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