Cera-Lube™ Nano Ceramic Grease


For a replacement, try Min-Lube — our new universal lubricating grease that performs in the most severe environments, and is also safe for food and pharmaceutical  applications.

Nano Ceramic Grease

Cera-Lube Nano Ceramic Lubricating Grease is a high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of industrial applications. It is NSF H-1 Listed for food-grade and medical-grade applications. Cera-Lube utilizes a calcium sulfonate formula with nanoceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic ball bearings, providing continuous lubrication to metallic surfaces.

Cera-Lube is manufactured using the same chemistry commonly used in rust and corrosion inhibitors. As a result, it provides outstanding protection against rust. It has high load-bearing properties, does not contain metal or silicone, and is resistant to water, steam, acids, and other chemical products.


Cera-Lube Application Instructions

  1. Clean and remove contaminants off of all components before applying Cera-Lube.
  2. Apply a small amount with a brush or hands. Spread and wipe off all excess with hands.
  3. Make sure you have a thin film on your wear surfaces.
  4. Install components and work back and forth. Remove components to wipe off extra grease at the end of travel.