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We have been using heat cured NANO mold coating for around ten years. We built a mold in 2007 for a very large part made of a glass filled polycarbonate, with a foaming agent, and could only produce around 15 parts before the mold began to pick up material on the sidewalls. After exhausting all of our usual tricks, I remembered my PCS salesman had been recommending NANO coating for problem molds, and reduced cycle times.

When it arrived, and we read the directions for use, we thought it was laughable. “There’s no way”, “snake oil” were some of the comments I heard. After applying it according to the directions, we were quite surprised. The mold has run all these years, and usually it requires cleaning/maintenance and recoating after around 8-10 thousand parts.

We reapply NANO coat as a preventative maintenance measure, as this is a very large mold to take in and out of the press.

Although our typical runs aren’t based on reducing cycle times by seconds, I’m sure it would be a very useful tool if used for such. I highly recommend NANO coat.

 Lynn H.
Tooling Supervisor
River Valley Plastics, Inc.

I am happy to report that the Nano Mold Coating has performed as advertised. We have been using it for about nine months now and have had success in our applications. I have been in this industry for 25 years and have tried numerous products that make claims which don’t hold up; it is a nice change to use a product that actually works as claimed.

We purchased the original trial kit for a difficult glass filled nylon part.

The following information is data collected for the Nanoplas coating:

Tool information:

  • 33% Glass filled material
  • Two cavity family mold
  • Sub gated
  • No water in front half due to part configuration

Previous Issues with tooling:

  • Parts different sizes causing under packing and over packing.
  • Customer rejections due to double shot condition on part sticking in front half.
  • Unbalance inventories due to over packed part sticking.

Post Nanoplas coating process improvements:

  • 22 second overall cycle time reduction
  • Process more stable, quicker start ups.
  • No customer returns for double shot condition.
  • Eliminated use of release agent which minimized necessary mold cleaning due to residue build up.

Annually, this represents approximately 200 hours of free press time, and $13k in labor savings and $200 in aerosol mold release savings.

As far as I am concerned the Nanoplas coating performs extremely well. We are currently using this product on several other challenging molds and a wide variety of materials.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,

Ray S.
V.P. Plas-Tech Engineering, Inc.  



Phillips Plastics (Precision Decorating) has been using Nanoplas coating since February 2008.  Phillips has found benefits to using this technology.  Phillips has coated cavity surfaces due to parts not pulling across to coring upon mold opening.  Parts now pull across and coating seems to be lasting approx. 50,000 cycles before recoating is necessary.

Eliminated pin stress in parts after coring was coated w/ Nanoplas.  Parts now eject more smoothly w/ no evidence of pin stress.

Jonathan R.
Tool Room Manager
Phillips Plastics (Precision Decorating)



Just wanted to send you a letter regarding your EXT lubricating Ceramic grease. As we discussed our application in our sealed drive units on our injection molds are in a harsh environment. These molds run quick cycles and the lubrication has to withstand excessive heat generated by the heated manifold system running polycarbonate. This system uses a rack system to drive the cores in and out and does so in less than a second which equates to roughly 90,000 cycles a week.

We have determined in the past that the rack drive needs to be totally disassembled once a month due failure of the existing grease which would then bleed out into the tooling which is not acceptable. We currently have four tools using this configuration and our cost to maintain these molds averaged $50,400 annually. We have tested two molds using this lubricant and found we are able to extend the maintenance schedule to every other month. With this in mind I am positive we can cut our maintenance cost in half if not more. We will continue testing and keep you informed of our results. Thank you for introducing this product to us.


Ray S.
V.P. Plas-Tech Engineering, Inc.