Benefits/Solutions of Nanotechnology

It seems like there should be some sort of general paragraph here about Nanotechnology before you get to the typical molding problems.


Typical Molding Problems

  • Parts Sticking in the Mold
  • Molds Not Filling Properly
  • Streaking & Drag Marks
  • Mold Release Contamination
  • Extended Cycle Times
  • High Scrap Rates
  • Part Packing Difficulties
  • Slow Fill Times


NanoMoldCoating® is the Solution

NanoMoldCoating® is the ideal choice for plastics and rubber processors in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. NanoMoldCoating® dramatically increases production output, while reducing costs associated with manual part removal, costly mold release agents, part scrap, slow cycle times, and repetitive mold maintenance due to sticking problems.


Benefits to the Molding Industry

  • Increases productivity – more parts per hour, per shift, per day
  • Flexibility – Quickly and easily applied in house
  • Cost effective – no need to ship tools to secondary vendors for expensive coatings
  • Enhances material flow in molds due to its low coefficient of friction
  • Improves part packing capability while allowing parts to release easily
  • Allows for reduction in injection pressure and temperatures
  • Eliminates streaking and drag marks upon mold filling
  • Acts as a corrosion inhibitor
  • Eases cleaning of material buildup due to out gassing resins
  • Eases color changes
  • Eliminates the use of aerosol and other mold release agents
  • Does not migrate to the part surface
  • Can be used in clean rooms and in secondary painting facilities
  • Maintains dimensional integrity of molds
  • Can be used for release of all thermoplastic and rubber materials