Nano Mold Coating

  • Eliminates need for spray mold releases
  • Eliminates part rejection due to pin push marks, streaking and dragging
  • Lasts up to 300,000 parts
  • Reduces mold pressure and fill times
  • Applied in-house by your own people
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Power Clean by Nanoplas - Mold release | Cleaner

Nano Ceramic Grease

  • Has 10 times the staying power as conventional greases
  • Will not break down in temperature range of 0 to 600 degrees
  • NSF food grade certified
  • Shear stability over 100,000 production strokes
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
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  • Completely removes rust without scrubbing
  • Completely eliminates gas stains without scrubbing
  • Simply apply and wipe
  • Saves hours compared to conventional cleaning
  • Absolutely nothing like it on the market today
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Mold Brite

  • Cleans mold to the virgin metal without wiping
  • Fast evaporating formula that pulls dirt from the pours of the metal
  • Leaves surface residue free
  • Chlorine free
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Power Clean

  • Most powerful cleaner on the market
  • Chlorinated formula will clean the most difficult cleaning application
  • Leaves surface residue free
  • Fast evaporating formula that pulls dirt from the pores of the metal
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Mold Guard

  • “True Dry” rust preventative that will not break down grease
  • Eliminates bleeding and scrap at initial start up
  • Can mold through right at start
  • Moisture displacing chemistry
  • Excellent rust protection
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Nanoplas is leading the way in helping progressive injection molding companies reduce costs, lower scrap rates and increase efficiencies with their complete line of mold coatings, greases, lubricants and other nano based products.

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Gate Geometry

Mold Making and Injection Molding: Two Separate WorldsMold Making and Injection Molding: Two Separate Worlds

During the first 14 years of my career, when I was building and designing injection molds, gating and runners were not really a focus. In most cases mold making and Injection Molding are two different worlds, so in my case I had no idea what was going on over in the injection molding side. The gates and runners had no impact on my focus, which was to build robust tools. In 2002 when I made the switch from Mold Making to the Injection Molding arena, gating and runners were an area that jumped out at me right away as not really having any type of standard. read more…

Flash Free Molding, Part 3

Flash Free MoldIn this article we will get into issues with tool design with shut-offs, parting line maintenance, and where the machine can contribute to flash. First, I would like to briefly go over how to define flash. Flash at times can be difficult to eliminate, and many will give up and accept this defect.  Flash also can be miss-diagnosed at times with miss-matched parting lines or feather flash.  I have seen miss-match called flash many times, but if it is flash you can see or feel it from both sides, miss-match will only be seen or felt from one side. read more…

About Nanoplas

Nanoplas is a leader in bringing innovative, Nano Technology products to the industrial market. Our scientifically… (Read More)


Nanoplas offers a wide variety of products that can help improve your business – from release coatings, greases and lubricants, to…(Read More)

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Nano Mold Coating has performed as advertised. We have been using it for about nine months now and have had success in our applications. I have been in this industry for 25 years and have tried numerous products that make claims which don’t hold up; it is a nice change to use a product that actually works as claimed.

Ray S.