SYN-LUBE™ High Performance Synthetic Grease

High-Performance Synthetic Grease

Product Overview

SYN-LUBE is an extraordinary, state-of-the art synthetic lubricating grease  that’s NSF Listed. Food-and medical-grade, the calcium sulfonate formula does not contain metals, PTFE, or silicone. With antioxidants, extreme pressure additives, and anti-wear additives, SYN-LUBE outlasts and outperforms virtually all other greases on the market. PTFE lubricants and other food-grade greases (calcium-based, clay-based, aluminum complex-based) just can’t match the exceptional friction reduction and wear resistance of SYN-LUBE. Designed for the most severe industrial and food applications, SYN-LUBE is the right choice if you’re looking for a universal grease for all of your needs.

SYN-LUBE Proves its Value

SYN-LUBE is also the best value on the market today. When compared with the price of our closest high-temperature competitor, the per ounce cost for SYN-LUBE is considerably less. Traditional PTFE lubricants are priced lower; however, the real value is found in comparing the lifespan of the lubricants and considering the additional cost of maintenance and downtime. SYN-LUBE remains on the surface longer, extending production up to ten times compared to that of PTFE lubricants. Further, SYN-LUBE has much greater shear stability than other lubricants. In laboratory and on-site tests, the change in penetration after 100,000 strokes is low—meaning the grease did not soften under shear. Both longer run times and greater shear stability mean less total product cost, less maintenance, and far less downtime for lubricating. 

“Syn-Lube can be wiped thin and evenly, which helps prevent bleeding issues. With the mold running at 644°F, the product [SYN-LUBE] is lasting weekly, as opposed to daily. Run capacity has increased from 1,000-1,500 parts to 24,000 parts before having to reapply, with a 45-second cycle time.”  

—William Duffield, Tool Room Supervisor at Erwin Quarder, Inc.

In addition, SYN-LUBE operates in a far wider range of temperatures than traditional lubricants, making it more versatile than PTFE products. In injection molding, SYN-LUBE has outlasted competitors in high-temp applications up to 500°F while increasing the run capacity before reapplication. For all practical purposes, you simply cannot purchase PTFE lubricants that will operate in this wide of a temperature range.  

Nanoplas, Inc. products represent the best of the best, offering both top quality and outstanding value. SYN-LUBE is no exception.

Product Details

  • Food-grade grease
  • Outstanding extreme pressure protection
  • Very good water resistance
  • Excellent high temperature properties

Features and Benefits

  • Staying Power – extraordinary adhesion extends production duration to 10 times that of other greases.
  • Operating Temperatures – operates in a normal range from -40° F to 500°F.
  • Corrosion Resistant – resists water, steam, acid, and other chemicals.
  • High Dropping Point – maintains viscosity across full temperature range, returning to normal viscosity after cooling.
  • Low Coefficient of Friction – lower than PTFE greases.

SYN-LUBE Application Instructions

  1. Clean and remove contaminants off of all components before applying Syn-Lube.
  2. Apply a small amount with a brush or hands. Spread and wipe off all excess with hands.
  3. Make sure you have a thin film on your wear surfaces.
  4. Install components and work back and forth. Remove components to wipe off extra grease at the end of travel.

Ordering Information

SD-400-16JC – 16 oz. Jars (Case of 12)

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