QC™ Quick Cure

QC Quick Cure

QC™ Quick Cure – has been scientifically formulated with the use of nanotechnology to create a semi-permanent barrier on the surface of a mold which is only 100 nanometers in thickness and which facilitates extraordinary plastic part release. QC coating is designed to be used on all plastics and is applied in the press.


  • Excellent Release
  • Thermoplastics
  • Commodity Grades
  • Engineering Grades
  • Cure time 10-15 minutes
  • Cured by heating mold
  • Application on a heated surface
  • Touch up easily performed while tool is in the press and hot
  • Bonds well to plated or pretreated surfaces
  • Multiple coats are possible
  • Water Carrier
  • Thermoset Polymer Film
  • Up to 500K Cycles
  • May require more frequent reapplication than HC or HCF
  • Temperatures up to 500°F

Ordering Information

NANO2QC – 2 oz. kit 

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NANO8QC – 8 oz. kit

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Kits include:

  • NanoMoldCoating
  • MoldCoatingRemover
  • MicroFiber Cloths
  • MicroFiber Swabs
  • pump sprayers