Harnessing the Power of Zap-Ox™: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Efficiency and Downtime Reduction

In injection molding, precision, efficiency, and cleanliness are key. A high standard of cleanliness ensures the production of top-quality components and prolongs the lifespan of expensive equipment, ultimately benefiting the bottom line. Any build-up of stains or oxidation in your molds can drastically impact the production process, resulting in defective products and frequent, costly maintenance routines. Enter Zap-Ox™, a state-of-the-art stain and oxidation cleaner from Nanoplas. Zap-Ox™ removes gas stains, rust, weld scale, and other types of oxidations on plastic injection molds or any other metal substrates. Zap-Ox™ NG provides the same cleaning power as the original, but this non-grit formula is specifically designed for polished and textured surfaces.

Designed with the complex needs of the injection molding industry in mind, Zap-Ox™ revolutionizes the cleaning process and optimizes operations. Let’s look at the benefits this impressive solution brings to the table.

Efficiency in Cleaning

By employing a scientifically advanced formula, Zap-Ox™ clears surface-level stains and effectively eliminates oxidation. Traditional cleaning agents often struggle with persistent stains and require considerable manual effort and time, but Zap-Ox™ effortlessly tackles these challenges, drastically reducing downtime in production cycles. By applying a thin coat of the cleaner onto the stained surface, Zap-Ox™ will go to work and pull the stain out of the metal without etching the surface. Where most cleaners require surface scrubbing, Zap-Ox™ removes most stains without scrubbing.

For example, Ess Tec, Inc., a plastic injection molding company in Holland, Michigan, uses Zap-Ox™ to clean gassing and burn marks at the end of the fill. In the past, they had to pull the tool and stone polish or bead ballast to remove the gassing from the texture. Now, Zap-Ox™ removes the rust from high humidity and condensation on the cavity steel. This saves hours of tool maintenance work.

Zap-Ox™ ‘s high cleaning efficiency translates into tangible benefits, delivering exceptional value and contributing to the optimization of injection molding processes.

Extended Molds & Tools

A build-up of stains and oxidation is not just an aesthetic issue—it can significantly interfere with the operational efficiency of your molds and tools, cause unnecessary wear and tear, and even shorten their lifespan. With its deep-cleaning action, Zap-Ox™ helps maintain the molds and tools in an optimal state, reducing the risk of downtime due to maintenance, and extending the tool life in the long run.

Considering that replacing injection molds and tools can be a significant expense, the cost savings from reducing the need for replacements can be considerable. This makes Zap-Ox™ not just a cleaning agent but an investment toward a more productive, efficient, and cost-effective operation.

Safer for the Environment & Employees

A little Zap-Ox™ goes a long way, thanks to its concentrated, high-performance formulation. This means you use less cleanser per cleaning cycle, extending the product’s lifespan and resulting in significant savings over time. Fewer containers and less product waste also contribute to sustainability goals by reducing material usage and waste generation.

In addition, the versatile nature of Zap-Ox™ eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products. It has been designed to work effectively across various surfaces commonly found in injection molding setups. This simplifies the cleaning process and minimizes the clutter of having multiple specialized cleaning agents. This versatility reduces waste, cost, and complexity while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness across all surfaces.

In terms of user safety, Zap-Ox™ shines. Its non-toxic and non-caustic qualities make it a safer choice for employees and minimizes potential health risks associated with handling aggressive cleaning chemicals. In comparison to other cleaning agents, Zap-Ox™ sets a high standard. Zap-Ox™ is also NSF listed, so it’s safe for medical-grade and food-grade applications.

The benefits of Zap-Ox™ from Nanoplas are both powerful and far-reaching. Its exceptional cleaning efficiency improves the production process and significantly reduces downtime. By maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, Zap-Ox™ contributes to extending the lifespan of injection molds, leading to substantial cost savings over time. Moreover, its design incorporates crucial environmental and safety considerations, making it a safer option for the environment and workers. Zap-Ox™ represents a triple win: a champion cleaner, a guardian of injection molds, and a defender of the environment and workforce.

Order your free sample of Zap-Ox™ or Zap-Ox™ NG and experience the difference yourself.