12 Practical Tips for Manufacturing Safety

Plant Engineering’s blog article, Manufacturing Safety: 12 Practical Strategies, has some great information and reminders that anyone in the manufacturing industry could benefit from taking a few minutes to read.

Planning for safety is crucial to protecting your workers and facilities from accidents and mishaps. Taking steps now to ensure your workers are safe from injury protects yourself from liability.

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Manufacturing Trends: Robots Taking High-Risk Tasks

Robots have become much more complex and sophisticated. And some of them are made specifically for injection molding. “Now beam robots can be equipped with a revolving wrist, to present the part to downstream processes like decorating, vision inspection or weighing, or to assembly and final packaging…Robots also keep operators away from the molding area, a potentially dangerous zone for burns and cuts — or worse, crushed body parts.” says this article from Plastics News: Robots free up workers from high-risk tasks.

The article addresses some of the safety hazards that robots are taking upon their shoulders. But is it really that one-sided?

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Warning! Trip Hazards Ahead

Warning! Trip Hazards Ahead

Statistics are high for injuries and deaths in the work place. Manufacturers need to be more cautious than most, and so this article from Daily Safety Advisor is an important read. Outlining the biggest hazards to recognize, this post is a sample of the worst that can happen, but it’s an effective reminder. Don’t let the common sense of these tips trick you — when the work picks up, it’s easy to forget any or all of them in the rush.

Just consider: “In one recent year, more than 800 American workers fell to their deaths. On average, falls account for about 15 percent of all occupational fatalities, second only to motor vehicle accidents.”

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