High Ranking Strategy: Plastics-Related Solutions

In this article from Plastics Today, a DuPont sponsored survey indicated that “lightweighting and use of lightweight structural materials will be the key enabler in realizing 2017-2025 CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards.”

“In terms of lightweighting strategies, while use of aluminum topped the leader board with 27 percent of respondents saying they were most heavily relying on the metal to achieve CAFE standards, multi-material solutions came in second (16 percent), with engineering plastics third (13 percent).” Manufacturing companies, especially in the auto industry are racing to create safe, affordable, and fuel efficient prototypes. And plastic is helping to reduce vehicle weight.

“This is a marathon – not a sprint.  Clear strategies need to be set, checkpoints need to be established and the most effective tool we have in this race is collaboration.”

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