Breaking the Mold: Introducing Our NanoMold Technology as an Alternative to Mold Release Agents

Breaking the Mold: Introducing Our NanoMold Technology as an Alternative to Mold Release Agents

In the world of injection molding, where precision meets productivity, the battle against sticking molds and sluggish releases has been ongoing. Traditional mold release agents have played a pivotal role in this industry, but most solutions have not kept up with the times. Enter NanoMoldCoating, a superior alternative from Nanoplas that represents increased productivity, precision, and flexibility.

Redefining Mold Release: From Agents to Coatings

Mold release agents traditionally help release parts from molds, but they often need reapplication and can hinder subsequent processes like painting. Nanoplas’ patented solutions, NanoMoldCoating and NanoMoldRelease, address these issues using advanced nanotechnology.

Utilizing this technology, NanoMoldCoating creates a thin, semi-permanent barrier on mold surfaces. This barrier self-assembles to form a nano-mesh that repels fluids and allows gases to escape, making the coating breathable. At only 100-200 nanometers thick, it ensures smooth part release without impacting the dimensions. The 3-4 hour application process ensures the coating firmly attaches and is free of imperfections. Moreover, it’s compatible with processes previously disrupted by traditional agents, such as painting, and is suitable for environments where silicone products are banned.

Advantages That Mold the Future

The benefits of NanoMoldCoating are extensive and will make you say goodbye to traditional mold release agents for good:

Productivity Amplified: Say goodbye to frequent reapplications and hello to more parts per hour, per shift, and per day. NanoMoldCoating enhances productivity significantly, optimizing your operations for unprecedented efficiency.

Flexibility Unleashed: NanoMoldCoating can be swiftly and conveniently applied in-house, eliminating the need to send tools to secondary vendors for costly coatings. Take control of your operations while putting money back into your pocket.

Material Flow Mastery: With its low coefficient of friction, NanoMoldCoating goes beyond simple release – it enhances material flow within molds, leading to improved part packing capability while ensuring smooth part release.

Precision Perfected: Witness a reduction in injection pressure and temperatures, a liberation from streaking and drag marks during mold filling, and a powerful corrosion inhibitor – all thanks to NanoMoldCoating’s expert engineering.

Versatility Redefined: Whether it’s thermoplastic or rubber, NanoMoldCoating is your go-to release solution. Its flexibility and non-migratory properties make it an invaluable asset across diverse applications.

Meet the Lineup

The Nanoplas coating lineup is as diverse as it is effective:

HC™ Heat Cure: The longest-lasting of the Nanocoatings, HC Heat Cure creates a semi-permanent mold surface barrier for exceptional release.

HCF™ Heat Cure FDA Compliant: Complies with FDA regulations while delivering the same remarkable mold release benefits as HC.

QC™ Quick Cure: An on-press solution for quick and effective plastic part release.

QCRU™ Quick Cure Rubber Formula: Designed specifically for rubber part release, this quick-cure formula is a game-changer for rubber applications.

QCSI™ Quick Cure Silicone Formula: Tailored for silicone part release, QCSI Quick Cure is your answer to seamless silicone molding.

Embrace the Future of Mold Release

It’s time to say goodbye to the limitations of traditional mold release agents and make the switch to nanotechnology from Nanoplas. Experience the difference for yourself. Order your free samples and break the mold with Nanoplas.