Proper Mold Care to Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion in plastic injection molds can be a costly headache if it isn’t handled properly. In fact, according to Grand View Research, the injection molded plastics market size in 2020 is $267 billion and is projected to grow 5% through 2027. Considering those figures, downtime caused by corrosion is a huge potential cost. Preventing corrosion in plastic injection molds before it happens, or fixing it before it requires a shutdown, is essential.

A Rust Preventative is Key to Fighting Corrosion

Using the right Nanoplas rust preventative is the best way to fight corrosion and keep your presses running. Corrosion is caused when water, condensations, off-gases and mineral deposits come into contact with the steel of the mold, creating a chemical reaction that ultimately leads to corrosion.

A rust preventative forms a protective barrier on the mold, blocking those substances from interacting with the mold and keeping your presses up and running.

Choosing the Right Rust Preventative

Because not all molds or processes are alike, it’s important to use the right Nanoplas rust preventative to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. As always, you can request a free sample of our rust preventatives.

Dry rust preventatives go on completely dry and won’t break down grease. Easy to clean, Nanoplas dry rust preventatives are ideal for protection against corrosion and avoiding bleeding.

  • Mold Guard can be molded through at startup and also contains release properties.
  • Mold Guard Green features a green tint to give you a better visual on coverage, which helps cut down on superfluous use.
  • Safe-T-Guard Safe-T-Guard is NSF H-1 listed, goes on dry and will not break down grease and other lubricants that are already on the surface.

Semi-dry rust preventatives give you longer-lasting protection without bleed through, stopping corrosion before it starts.

  • The Defender’s green tint helps avoid overspray as you can better see the coverage. Its acid vapor neutralizer protects against corrosive materials, including PVC.
  • The Protector can be used on both warm and dry molds and protects for up to three years.

Get Your Free Sample of Nanoplas Rust Preventative

Request a free sample of a Nanoplas Rust Preventative or any of our products. If you have any additional questions as to what rust preventative may be best for your application, feel free to contact us to discuss.