Competition, on a global level, is now the reality for all injection molders. Manufacturers around the world are striving to make their operations more efficient, and more productive. One area that is often overlooked when it comes to developing a competitive advantage is mold maintenance.

Mold Maintenance Products - NanoplasLabor rates and manufacturing costs around the globe are rising. As wages and other costs of manufacturing rise it creates an opportunity for manufacturers to evaluate their operations and identify new areas for improvement. One area that can help with reducing labor costs is to improve efficiencies and reducing the amount of time required for core or required processes. A well-defined mold maintenance program is one area that can improve efficiencies, and help reduce costs.

A well-defined and consistent maintenance program helps to improve efficiencies by ensuring the molds are ready for production when needed. Products like the Nanoplas line of cleaners and degreasers when used with their Mold Guard rust preventative not only clean the mold to prepare it for the next run, but it also allows for a more thorough inspection to identify problems or wear on the mold.

When it comes time to get the mold back into production, the products used to clean and prepare the mold should not be a problem or cause a delay. Again, the Nanoplas line of products does not cause bleeding or otherwise negatively affect the start-up process, saving time and getting the production run moving.

By integrating a maintenance program as a core element into your production strategy may allow you to realize significant gains in productivity and efficiencies, making you more competitive overall. To learn more about how the Nanoplas family of products can play a role in that strategy, contact us today!

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