Advantages of Mold Maintenance

Advantages of Mold Maintenance

Injection molders around the world are striving to make their operations more efficient, and more productive. One area that is often overlooked when it comes to gaining such advantages is mold maintenance.

A well-defined and consistent mold maintenance program helps improve efficiency by ensuring the molds are ready for production when needed. A Nanoplas cleaner, when used with a rust preventative, and a grease that does not break down not only cleans the mold, but also prepares it for the next run.

While applying the cleaner, rust preventative, and grease, take the time to thoroughly inspect the mold. Doing so will give you the chance to identify problems or wear on the mold before they become significant issues. As part of your maintenance log, make a note of any concerns, address the ones you can, and track the progression of any issues you can’t fix.

When it comes time to get the mold back into production, products used to clean and prepare the mold should not be a problem or cause a delay. The Nanoplas line of products are formulated to mitigate this issue. They do not cause bleeding or startup scrap, so you can mold right through them and save time getting the production run moving.

Integrating a maintenance program as a core element into your production strategy may allow you to realize significant gains in productivity by reducing startup issues and downtime, making your operation more efficient and profitable. To learn more about how the Nanoplas family of products can play a role in that strategy, contact us today.