Hydraulic Driven Slides

Using Hydraulic Driven Slides In Injection Molding

With the increasing complexity of molds and the parts that they produce, injection molders are forced to maximize the productivity of each tool. In his continuing discussion on hydraulics over on the moldmakingtechnology.com site, Randy discusses Hydraulic Driven Slides.

In the instance where slides require excessive travel, hydraulics are often a solution. There are many considerations and concerns with hydraulic driven slides, including low draft shut-offs between the stationary half and the slide. Randy addresses a solution to this common challenge.

The chances of having a crash condition do go up with the use of hydraulics. He offers a couple of solutions to help reduce the risk of damaging the tool that are honestly easy to implement with huge potential upsides!

You can read the entire article here: The Designer’s Edge: Hydraulic-Driven Slides

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