Rapid Injection Molding and Mold Release Coatings

Rapid Injection Molding, or RIM has really changed the plastic injection molding industry. By offering lower production quantities and quicker turnaround times, it has allowed many products to be molded versus other manufacturing methods.

One of the benefits of RIM is that most manufacturers use or follow the industry standard practices, making it a great predictor of the true manufacturability when the part moves to large-scale production quantities. By allowing for quick turns and lower quantities, buyers are able to fine tune designs and make adjustments without the huge costs of the past.

Mold Release Coatings - NanoMoldCoatingOne of the ways that injection molders can make RIM even more efficient is to use a product like NanoMoldCoating from Nanoplas. This mold release coating can help with release issues on dies from the simple to the most complex. The specially formulated product uses nanotechnology to create a semi-permanent barrier on mold surfaces allowing for exceptional part release.

The Nanoplas family of products are designed to work together to make your molding operation more efficient and productive. To learn more about how NanoMoldCoating and the entire line of products from Nanoplas, contact us today!