New Bioplastics From Shrimp Shells

Very interesting article from Plastics Technology: “Researchers from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute have developed a fully-degradable bioplastic isolated from shrimp shells which they report can be molded into products such as cell phones, food containers and toys…”

The team is developing a new way to process the chitin to be able to fabricate it into larger 3D, complex shapes using traditional casting or injection molding techniques.

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Bioplastics Play Increasing Role in Packaging Solutions

Bioplastics Play Increasing Role in Packaging Solutions

New trends in bioplastics include greener innovations to provide high-quality fully compostable packaging. Here is an interesting article from Plastics Today that discusses packaging as the leading application for all types of bioplastics and outlines some of the structures, designs, and applications. Check in on some of the top bioplastic developers in the world and find out what some of the advantages and disadvantages of their specialty products are.

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