The Differences of Mineral Oil-Based Grease vs. Synthetic Grease

As our new, highly acclaimed Min-Lube High Performance Grease enters into shops as the go-to grease for all applications, it’s a good time to talk about how a mineral oil-based grease compares to synthetic grease in general and then specifically how Min-Lube stands out. The main difference between a mineral oil-based and synthetic grease is obvious: mineral oil-based greases are natural and synthetic greases are, well, synthetic.

Benefits of Synthetic Grease

In a synthetic grease, because it’s man-made, the molecular structure is all the same. Because of that, there’s a very thin fluid film, which typically lowers the amount of friction. This is why synthetic greases do very well in high-speed applications and in managing heat.

That being said, what can be added to a full synthetic grease is limited. This is because all additives are hydrocarbons, which are natural. Synthetic oils are not natural, so not all additives are compatible with synthetic-based greases. This is also why synthetic greases are typically not all-purpose — their physical properties limit their ability to be so.

Benefits of Mineral Oil-Based Grease

Mineral oil-based greases, like Min-Lube, are natural. Because of this, it is exceptionally easy to add in hydrocarbon (i.e. natural) additives. Everything blends perfectly with no fallout and no need to emulsify. So we can make a mineral oil-based grease exactly what shops and our customers need it to be, which is what we did with Min-Lube.

Min-Lube Additives

Min-Lube was built to be the only grease most shops need. As injection molders use up their existing greases and look to re-order, they can look at Min-Lube, which is suitable for almost all applications.

The additive package focuses on thermal, oxidative, and mechanical stability, and features Micronox® for antimicrobial protection against degradation.

Simply put, Min-Lube is a complete product. It’s mechanically stable, nothing will fall out, nothing will separate, and it has an extraordinarily high temperature and pressure rating. With Min-Lube, facilities can keep one grease on hand rather than having to purchase and store multiple greases for specific purposes.

The Min-Lube data sheet proves its versatility across more tests than competitors can list. The only better proof is to try it for yourself. Request a free sample today.