The Industrial Science of Injection Molding

Industrial Science of Injection Molding - NanoplasTaking Injection Molding To The Next Level

When an industrial science approach is applied to the molding process, it takes injection molding to a higher level of precision and more importantly, repeatability. It is especially relevant and applicable for complex and critical-use parts.

Scientific basis of injection molding is based on sensors and sophisticated software to monitor every phase of the molding process. It helps engineers and technicians control and adjust critical variables, like flow rate, temperature, cooling temperature, and fill rate. This further helps maintain a precise, repeatable process of production.

Benefits of Using Scientific Molding Technique

The scientific technique of injection molding is highly beneficial during the stage of molding, once the tool has gone through the process of development and debugging. The process helps analyze the fill pack and hold the stages individually.

The sensor data also facilitates a deep and detailed understanding of every stage for the engineering team. This, in turn, helps detect and correct any variations that occur in key parameters, like flow rates, temperature, moisture content and viscosity, in real time, thereby ensuring consistent quality.

Some other benefits associated with use of scientific injection molding are as follows:

  • Reduced consumption of material
  • Higher yields
  • Reliable documentation of every part
  • Provides consistent repeatability as well as quality from part to set-up for every production cycle
  • Makes the process more optimized to provide best cycle times possible.
  • Provides better control over flow without any weld lines or flaws over the surface

By taking a scientific approach to your molding projects, you will be able to track and control critical factors, and through data analysis be better able to manage workflows and production. With products like those in the Nanoplas family of injection mold release coatings, Injection Mold Cleaners, Injection Mold Rust Preventatives and Injection Mold Lubricating Greases, and the data and insight you can gain from taking a scientific approach, the opportunity for increased production efficiencies, lower scrap rates and cost savings is possible.

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