How to Use & Apply Zap-Ox

No other injection mold cleaner can do—and remove—as much as Zap-Ox. Its stain-removing ability is unmatched. Zap-Ox eradicates rust, oxidation, build-up, weld discoloration and other stains and, in most cases, requires little-to-no scrubbing.

A thin coat of Zap-Ox will pull the stain out of the surface of the metal without etching the surface, bringing the metal back to its original state. Zap-Ox is safe to use on all metal surfaces, works on all materials, and is non-caustic and easy to use.

Zap-Ox vs. Stains

No matter the cause of the stain, Zap-Ox is the best option to clean your mold to prevent future issues and minimize downtime. Even with gas stains or other issues caused by burns, Zap-Ox will do the job without hurting the surface.

Zap-Ox vs. Build-up

Build-up is usually caused by volatiles leaving the plastic and collecting on the surface of the mold. Build-up can also lead to other problems like splay or gloss, so it’s important to address the issue right away. Zap-Ox will clean even the toughest build-up without harming the surface of the metal.

NSF-listed, Zap-Ox is safe for medical-grade and food-grade applications and is also available in a non-grit formula, Zap-Ox NG.

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How to Properly Apply Zap-Ox

Using the non-caustic, non-toxic cleaner is easy. Make sure to follow the appropriate directions for your specific stain and situation.

Using Zap-Ox Without Scrubbing

Most stains will not require scrubbing.

1. Apply a thin layer of Zap-Ox over the entire area

2. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, depending on the severity of the stain

3. Wipe with a rag/cloth or rinse with water or cleaner

4. Repeat if necessary, extending the time letting Zap-Ox sit before wiping

Using Zap-Ox With Scrubbing

Scrubbing is only used when residue is thick or baked on.

  1. Apply a thin layer of Zap-Ox over the entire area
  2. Scrub in the layer of Zap-Ox until the stain is removed (rub gently if you’re concerned about scratching the surface—Zap-Ox contains a small amount of silica)
  3. Wipe with a rag/cloth or rinse with water or cleaner

Using Zap-Ox on a Textured Surface

Applying Zap-Ox on a textured surface is done at the customer’s own risk.

  1. Apply a thin layer of Zap-Ox to the textured surface
  2. Smooth over the surface, without rubbing, to avoid scratching
  3. Let Zap-Ox sit for 5-10 minutes
  4. Wash away (don’t wipe) with cleaner or water to avoid scratching

Using Zap-Ox on Warm or Hot Surfaces

For hot surfaces, apply a lubricant to the material before using Zap-Ox to avoid drying of the product. Squeeze the necessary amount of Zap-Ox into a clean container and add 5-10% by volume of a general-purpose lubricant. Mix the two together and then follow the appropriate instructions above.

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