Why You Should Re-shore Your Plastic Injection Molding

The injection molding industry is extremely competitive because of the need to respond quickly to a customer’s requests while keeping production costs low. Unfortunately, both are not always possible, and that’s why many manufacturers have been opting for off-shoring in order to cut production costs. However, the recent trends show manufacturing companies are now looking to re-shore their plastic injection molding manufacturing, and they have very good reasons for doing so.

1. Improving Productivity and Efficiency

With so much innovation and advancements occurring in the plastic molding industry, you can put these to good use by working in collaboration with your supplier. As a result, it will make employees more productive and increase the shop floor’s efficiency. Technology and innovation are the hallmarks for providing superior products to your customers, and when your plastic injection molder makes use of these, you know you will be offering your customers high quality products.

2. Maintaining Quality of the Product

It is important to comply with the statutory requirements, such has proper certification for the resin and colorants used during the injection molding process. When you off-shore your plastic injection molding, you will not be able to control certain elements of the manufacturing process due to the lengthy supply chain. This can result in heavy losses if the product is defective or is not in compliance with the regulations and laws in your country.

3. Working in Close Association with Supplier

Having your plastic injection molder in the same country can be an advantage. You will be able to ensure your product is made as per your specifications and also you can work in conjunction with the supplier to improve the design and product. The ability to communicate with the supplier in the same language does not leave room for misunderstandings. But more than that, you can refine your product and design to ensure you offer the best to your customers.

4. Reducing Your Carbon Footprints

There is no doubt the plastic molding industry works with hazardous chemicals and materials that can make their way into the environment. If your supplier is responsible and adheres to environmental laws, they will have cutting-edge machinery and equipment to reduce packaging costs, waste and transportation. When the plastic mold is ingenuously designed, it can reduce the consumption of energy required to make the part.

5. Offering Better Service to Your Customers

When you re-shore your plastic molding needs, you will be able to offer better service to your customers. The fact that your supplier is located in the same country means the communication is prompt. Orders and design changes can be communicated quickly and efficiently and you will have more control over quality. You also will be able to inform customers precisely when they can expect their orders, as there will be better communication between you and your supplier.

6. Avoiding Price Volatility

Off-shoring any manufacturing process means dealing with ever-fluctuating exchange rates and rising transportation, labor, material, and energy costs. The same applies to the plastic molding industry as well. If you are given a choice between low costs and price stability, there is no doubt you will opt for the latter, as in the long run it will prove to be more cost-effective.

The plastic molding industry in the United States uses some of the best and most advanced technologies and takes pride in maintaining high manufacturing standards. So, if you are not making use of this industry to further your growth and provide better service to your customers, you are missing out on a golden opportunity.